Based in Blackrock, Co. Dublin, Ciara Murphy has been in private pratice since 2003, and offers professional consultations in herbal medicine, colon hydrotherapy,  iridology, nutrition, and natural fertility awareness.

Ciara uses a natural approach to healing, by firstly identifying and then treating the underlying cause of imbalance which manifests as ill health. Many common problems such as: stress, skin disorders, adrenal exhaustion, digestive disturbances, cardiovascular disorders, hormonal imbalances, fertility, depression, arthritis, hay-fever, sinus congestion, parasitic and fungal infections amongst others are successfully treated.

All aspects of the person's health is assessed in order to determine wherein there maybe insufficiencies, excesses or imbalances that have resulted in disease. This is achieved through a medical assessment, iris analysis, genetic tendencies, nutritional evaluation and assessing a persons lifestyle and emotional well being.

Treatment is centered around prescribing and dispensing herbal formulae, which are uniquely tailor-made for the patient using organic herbs where possible. Healing is further achieved, by the patient being educated and assisted in correct nutrition, appropriate exercise, and natural healing through other naturopathic techniques such as hydrotherapy.

The Herbal Dispensary carries a wide range of herbal tinctures, infusions, decoctions, ointments, oils and other medicinal products

This approach balances, cleanses, nourishes and heals the body thus stimulating its innate power of self-healing. This is in alignment with the Laws of Nature and allows for the full engagement of the patient in his or her own healing process.