Ciara Murphy MH Ir RGN, after training and working as a general nurse in St Vincent's University Hospital, Dublin, she then studied for 4 years in herbal medicine in the Irish School of Herbal Medicine, under Helen Begadon. Master Herbalism grew out of the physiomedical tradition which thrived in Europe and America in the mid-Nineteenth century. This form of Herbalism was a return to the practice of mind/body medicine as taught by Hippocrates among others. Master Herbalists believe that what we eat and how close the food is to its original organic state has a huge impact on our physical and emotional health.

As a natural healer, Ciara, aims to empower and re-educate people using nature in all her forms, with her foods and herbal medicines as allies, in order to cleanse and nourish the body and rebalance the system.

Ciara runs a busy clinical practice in Blackrock, County Dublin. This clinic has a herbal dispensary, treatment and consultation rooms. She is a full time practitioner and succesfully treats many people in her clinic and in the community.

Ciara is commited to reviving the long tradition of herbal medicine in Ireland which dates back to the eight century, and hopes that there will be a Master Herbalist in every town and a family Herbalist in every home.